The Reason to Buy Tires and Wheels from Southern California

If you are unsure where to start looking when shopping for custom wheels and tires here are a few pointers. Millions of products in the automotive industry are imported near Los Angeles, CA where the ports are being flooded everyday. Many companies have headquarters and mass distribution centers throughout southern California. There is no wonder why businesses are flocking out this way it is because of the convenience of receiving products from overseas. Imagine owning a business in Texas or New York and having to ship across country all your products to your warehouse. Yeah, that is a lot of shipping. Being located in southern California near all the manufacturers allows us to keep our costs low by not having to stock many products. Also, other businesses around the US have to stock many products and get them shipped to their warehouse causing outrages overhead fees. Look for tire and wheel companies that are in southern California and compare prices always. We believe in offering the lowest price right off the bat because we want to save you as much money as possible.

Here are a few rides we have done recently:

If you have any questions regarding your own vehicle or about any of the ones shown above feel free to call anytime Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM pacific standard time (PST) at (909) 245-1165. We also have live chat on our website here. If it is after hours send us an email we will get back to you on our next business day.


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